Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mummy Flower Pots

Halloween Mummy Pots

Materials Needed

Terra Cotta Pot - 5 ½ inches tall

Muslin at least 2 torn strips - (you can add more as desired)

2 black 10 mm Pom Poms

Acrylic paint: fluorescent green or orange

Stencil brush

Paper towel

Hot glue gun


1. Glue the end of a muslin strip to the rim of the terra-cotta pot with a small drop of glue.

2. Wrap the strip around the pot, gluing it lightly in place as needed.

3. Continue covering the pot with muslin strips, gluing the beginning of each new strip to the end of the previous one. Occasionally twist the muslin during the wrapping process to add dimension, and glue the twist to the pot.

4. When the pot is completely covered (do not cover the bottom of the pot), dip a stencil brush lightly into the fluorescent paint. Dab the brush on a paper towel to remove any excess paint, and lightly brush on the muslin until the pot is covered. Allow the paint to dry.

5. Add black Pom Poms for eyes.

photo and article source: http://www.familycorner.com/family/kids/crafts/mummies.shtml

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